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Sales of Medical equipment and device

      “Investment Trade and Finance Corporation” LLC took the license for supplying medicines and medical equipment from the Ministry of Health and Sports in 2016. We have supplied local markets with the latest medical equipment and devices for facilitating the manual operation of the medical staff, running normal operation and diagnostic activities, improving the quality of medical aid and services, introducing new technology and techniques and solving clinical problems from the world famous companies in Italy, Ireland, Japan, USA and PRC in the following types.

• Equipment and devices for medical treatment, diagnostics and analysis:

Equipment and devices related to the clinical treatment and nursing, equipment for physiotherapy, diagnostic apparatuses of ultrasound and X-Ray, endoscope, electrocardiogram, electrocephalogram and laboratory tools.

• Medical equipment and auxiliary equipment:

Measurement devices, pressure apparatus, biks, wheelchair of the nurse, various needles and disposable syringes, disposable mirrors, neurological hammer, oxygenous tubes and masks and stethoscope

We have been supplying the above high quality medical equipment and devices and other auxiliary medical tools within short period.