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Sales and After sales service of Information technology
devices and accessories

      Investment Trade and Finance Corporation LLC is a premier distributor of Cisco, an internationally well-known developer, manufacturer, innovator, and professional service provider in the field of IT technologies, hardware and software. Regarding our cooperation with the Company, we are delivering the following products and services through professional engineers and IT specialists who are internationally accepted in terms of education, skill, and experience.

IT solution is to provide companies and organizations with constantly running process of their business as well as protect their confidentiality over 50% securely. We are strongly confident that we can supply our customers with reliable, sustainable, and effective internet services for 24 hours a day, network monitoring software and other customer demand based IT solutions.
We offer you the best solutions of network security as it is considered the most important issue in IT technology. For any company, database security and safe storage of archive as well as reliable monitoring of data flows is a quite complicated issue. We are looking forward to finding technological solution and developing software of electron database controlling for you.
In the Information Era, for giant corporations and large enterprises, it’s been priority problem to develop network favoring all their demands and figure out the relevant solutions properly. In this matter, we are available to provide you with professional design of server room, as the vital point of network, in which monitoring of electricity, cooling system, employee in/out flows, office hardware allocation, and network planning are accurately designed.
In the present, wireless network is outnumbering landline broadband internet connections year by year. As a result, companies are able to provide their staff with great opportunity to get connected high speed internet wherever they are. We see that internet connection availability is an emphasis of organizational culture and appearance. So we are always available to provide you high speed wireless network.
As a premium distributor of Cisco, we offer warranty period in which all purchasers are allowed to have after sales services for free within 1 year after their purchases. We deliver you the fundamental elements of network such as router, switch, security/monitoring devices, and relevant software in a short period of time, and therefore, keep you informing all the processes of your order fulfillment on a timely manner. In addition, based upon your interest, we are still able to supply with other IT manufacturers’ hardware and software with our reliable maintenance services.